Download instructions

Welcome to our ACInn stations data portal!

All of the stations listed here have a RAW dataset that you can download. In general the RAW data are uncorrected! Use them with all due caution, and in case of doubt please contact the data provider. Some stations also ship processed datasets - these are documented when available.

Each station's metadata page contains general information about the station:
Location of the Station
Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (WGS84 if not specified)
Station Equipment
Sensors used at the station
Station History
Notes from field visits, special changes of the station
Data Quality notes
major data gaps, curious data, errors in the measurements

At the bottom of the page, the link to the datasets will bring you to the to the download page where you can request the data.

Downloading the data is very simple! You simply need to enter the start and end date for the data you request, accept the license terms and submit your request.

Your requests are then processed in the background, and you will receive an email when the data is ready (usually a few minutes). If nothing arrived after 6 hours, please contact Sabo Rubner and Christian Posch.